MAN Enterprise – TECMAN Industries Hybrid PV Project in Lebanon

May 24, 2021

FREE energy has recently been hired by MAN Enterprise as a consultant for the design and supervision for the implementation of a Hybrid roof-mounted PV system with a total capacity of 255 kWp covering the hangar of the TECMAN Industries steel factory in Fanar, Lebanon.

Established in 1971, MAN Enterprise progressed to become an international leader in the construction industry with experience in infrastructure, recreation, hospitality, education, residential, commercial, and industrial projects. TECMAN Industries, one of MAN enterprise’s subsidiaries, is a leading interior decoration & steel structures contractor in Lebanon and the Middle East. They are also known for their custom designs in wood, steel, and stainless steel. Tecman Industry has executed prestigious commercial, residential, hospitality, and educational projects.

The TECMAN factory is currently dependent on the EDL (Electricite du Liban) grid supply in addition to privately owned diesel generators in order to meet its energy demand. Based on the owner’s request to reduce the energy demand from the grid and the private generators, the project was initiated and the detailed design was completed by FREE energy for the implementation works to commence. The technology considered for this project is a Hybrid PV system that will employ the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity fed directly into the electricity grid during EDL supply hours. As for when the diesel generators are powering the facility load, an energy management system is used in order to allow the generators to safely operate with the designed PV system.

The project is currently in the implementation phase and is expected to be up and running during the second half of 2021.