RMF | USAID Project – Consulting on Solar Pumping Project in the South of Lebanon

January 11, 2021

In collaboration with RMF & USAID, FREE energy was hired as a consultant to assess, design, and manage a bid for two solar pumping projects in Qsaibeh and Ansar, South Lebanon.

The project was also in close collaboration with the South Lebanon Water Establishment (SLWE) & the municipalities of the two areas where the two submersible well pumps are currently installed.

The project aims at allowing the occupants of Ansar and Qsaibeh to be able to take full advantage of the existing well pumps under a resilient renewable energy source with being dependent on the electricity grid as much as possible. The project involved an extensive site visit conducted by the specialists within FREE energy to assess the existing site conditions and tailor a fitting tender document with set design specifications for optimal performance of the two submersible pumps.

The system running technique is as follows: During the day, the pump load will be met through the photovoltaic system. The system will switch to Grid/Genset in case of any shortage from the PV system due to factors such as weather conditions.

The benefits of such a system are many; alongside the enhancement of the environment and living conditions in the area. In general, PV plants require little maintenance, and they can be configured according to specific energy demands and without producing CO2 emissions.

An optimal PV system was designed by the engineers in FREE energy taking into account all possible constraints and factors that could increase the percentage losses of the annual electrical production which includes shading and cabling losses.

The tender will be released in 2021 and will be open for bidding for Lebanese firms with a significant background and experience in the field of photovoltaics.

Mazen El Masri