Riego – An Agricultural Irrigation Solution

July 11, 2018

Riego, is a solar-powered, agricultural irrigation dynamic-control device. It helps farmers to optimize irrigation water consumption through monitoring different parameters: the weather and soil parameters, tree growth, water, and fertilizers concentration. Equipped with a set of sensors and a smart algorithm, Riego dynamically changes the irrigation schedule.

The sensors detect the needs of the crops and collect data that can be archived in the cloud which enables the user to receive customized reports and alarms.

Riego started in 2013 after a huge drought hit Lebanon. FREE energy joined forces with Arcenciel to come up with a solution to reduce the water consumption on a 33000 sqm apple orchard.

Riego evolved to become a plug and play product that can impact the environment and agricultural sector by managing resources.

Riego is contributing along with other start-ups in supporting Lebanon’s goal to double the share of renewable energy to 12% by 2020. In its feature in The Business Year in 2017, Riego explained how it helps in shaping solutions based on serious problems in Lebanon such as the serious drought. By creating smart irrigation systems powered by solar systems, RIEGO aims to increase the share of renewable energy innovatively.